Town of Saltillo, Tennessee

Welcome to the Town of Saltillo, we are located at River Marker 172 on the banks of the beautiful Tennessee River.  Saltillo is a progressive resort town and retirement community rich in heritage and history but with a small town feel. 

Initially founded in 1822 by Thomas Shannon, Saltillo became a shipping point along the Tennessee River.  Originally Davy’s Landing, Saltillo was given its present name in 1849.  Architecture from this era still stands today providing a rich view of yesteryear for visitors to our town. 

Saltillo offers a peaceful river lifestyle with boating, fishing and other water activities year round making it one of the most sought out communities to live and visit.   In addition to the activities on the river, Saltillo hosts an annual River Day Festival, annual fireworks display, Tennessee River Poker Run and Primitive Arts Heritage Festival each year drawing thousands of visitors to our town.  

I am humbled and honored to serve the Town of Saltillo as Mayor for the remainder of the 2020-2024 election cycle.  During this season of transition, it will be my goal to serve our community with transparency, accountability and professionalism.  Over the years our community has made progress beyond measure due to strong leadership and good-decision making by our previous Mayor and Board of Alderman.   We have also been blessed with great employees and many dedicated community volunteers.   As we move forward, let’s come together to ensure Saltillo remains to be a great place to live and visit for ourselves and those that come after us.

May God continue to bless The Town of Saltillo,

Greg Billings, Mayor 

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